Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Making Progress

Today was day four of Project Fiona. So much has happened to the poor girl already. She had a visit from the farrier and now has very pretty shoes all around and much shorter toes. Makes a world of difference to how people see her. She was surprisingly not foot sore afterward, so I took her down to the ring for some work.

Fiona is a looky young lady when she's walking around the property. One of the neighbors has an above ground pool, and the expression on her face when she saw some kids playing in it was classic. 'Holy s$#@, it's eating the kids!' I'll give her credit for not actively spooking or bolting. She just craned her head all the way up and stared at it really hard. We've also discovered that Fiona is a little flirt. There were no geldings in her previous barn, and now she's surrounded by all these fit young males. If she would just arch her neck like that in the ring, we'd be all set.

And yes, the boys love her back.

Today we rode with three other people in the ring and did our first canter work. She likes to bounce on the contact a bit, but she does know how to get long and low for a good stretch at the walk and trot. The canter was very exciting after getting Monday off. Monday's are my reporting day at work, and riding a hot, green mare while very stressed? Probably not a recipe for success, so Fiona will be having Monday as her off day.

The Princess also had her mane shortened with a shortening comb for a more natural look. Tomorrow it will be pulled to finish it off and we'll do something about that forelock. It was cut straight. She looks like a member of the Beatles. Not a good look for a delicate mare's face. So long as it does not interfere with dinner time, she does love the pampering. Currying gets her to make the funniest faces while she shifts back and forth so I hit the best spots.

Tomorrow will be more bending work while we work on the fact she likes to brace against my hands when I ask her to halt. The eggbutt snaffle is new for her, but she does need to be a lady about it. We will also see if the cob bridle fits. 16.1 hands and she needs a cob bridle and pony bit. So much for having tack ready for her.


  1. I saw your posts over on COTH and had to find your blog. You have a fabulous sense of humor which shines through in your writing!

    (As for cob bridles... my 16.3 TB gelding needs a cob bridle, so it wouldn't surprise me if she does, too!)

  2. Also came over from COTH. Congratulations on Fiona! I must say, she is adorable. I like your horse shopping methods :P

  3. @Net: Thanks! I find most of life hilarious, and it's my sovereign duty to share my rather skewed view with anyone needing a quick giggle. And I found out the Vespucci bridle I was going to get used for her is too big. That was a heart breaker.

    @Shannon: Thanks! And method implies planning, process, and organization. I have none of the above. But I do have a cute little mare!

    @Debbie: Thanks, I was a little worried when she had that mini-meltdown during your lesson. At least she's polite when her little TB mind decides to take a vacation.