Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Adulting sucks

I found out I'm going to be traveling for work.  Jan 22, I have to go to NYC to meet with a bunch of execs and part of the Board of Directors for one of my projects.  On Feb 5, I'm off to New Jersey for an all company meeting.  For the next two weeks, my project is going to require 12 hours a day, at least, and some weekends. 

Guess what doesn't happen when I'm on that kind of schedule and taking work calls until 8pm?

Yeah, that.  Also sleeping and eating, but the riding is what's actually ticking me off.

My job pays for my horse but sometimes it makes it very hard for me to enjoy my horse.  I called Trainer A today and told her to consider Theo a lesson horse for the next two weeks.  Use him in lessons, ride him, whatever.  His other rider also got a text saying that she can ride him lots and lots over the next two weeks and she sounded excited.  Theo will be well exercised and well loved.  With the cold snap forecasted for early next week, it's really for the best that I just hang up my spurs until this work emergency is over.

I'm still pissed.  Theo and I were really getting into a groove!  Yeah, yeah, gotta save the company so that I can get my paycheck, but can't someone else do that while I go to the barn?  Or maybe tell the Board I need a couple more weeks because I need to go see my horse instead of working all night?  He's got needs!

Reality sucks.  When I was a kid, I thought being an adult would mean I could ride any day I wanted.  Now I know it's quite the opposite.  The more money you have for your horse, the less time you have to ride them.  It's a terrible equation.

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  1. I hated that too - my commute used to keep me from enjoying riding and my horse and I only worked so I could have a horse >:[