Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lady in Red

Me and the Princess rocking it at UNH, First Level 1, 67%
Even with my lack of navigation skills 

Fiona has been on the market for quite awhile.  It was almost a year ago that she stopped jumping on us.  She's been for sale for about five months with no luck.  We haven't even had a nibble in awhile.  There's very little interest in a TB dressage horse, particularly not a chestnut mare.  If she was a WB or QH, she'd be long gone, but we can't even get people to come out and see her due to her breed.

With that in mind and a handsome hunk of a Meathead eating his head off, I made yet another difficult decision.  The Princess is heading off to UNH for a 30 day trial in their equine program to see if she suits.  If she's a match, I'm going to donate her to the program.

Why on Earth would I give away my precious girl?

Because she would be safer and better cared for at UNH then she would be at many homes.  I can go visit her whenever I want and can see her at the UNH shows.  I'll have right of first refusal when it's time for her to retire.  She'll get the chance to be a dressage specialist that also enjoys trail rides.  She'll be in a program and get the work and attention she deserves.

In many ways, its the ideal situation for her.  She's been helping out with the flat lessons at the barn more and more.  The students love her, she's not your typical school horse.  Kick?  Ha, only in the free walk.  Be ignored?  Never.  The Princess only ignores me when I turn into an alien in competition.  She will be happy with a parade of college kids to fuss over her, exercise her, and curry her belly.  I always said I wanted her to be more like Black Beauty than the Black Stallion, and in that I achieved my goal.  Fi will go for anyone that knows how to ask properly.

We're getting her records together and making arrangements for her sleep over.  With any luck, she'll be the dressage teacher UNH is looking for and Fiona will have found her niche.

I'll just be over here in the corner.  Gibbering.


  1. I've been reading your blog for awhile now, even though I wasn't an official follower. Actually when I found it, I went back and read every entry to catch up! I thoroughly enjoy your writing and your adventures, as well as your very realistic take on life.

    I just wanted to comment on this post. I'm a graduate of the UNH Equine program, and I think that this is wonderful of you to consider for the Princess. Some of my fondest memories from school are in that barn and with horses that generous people such as yourself donated to the school. The horses are well taken care of, and well loved by the students and staff alike.

    I've been back to UNH a bunch since I graduated, the last few years as a groom for my trainer at their event and I'm hoping to go back this fall as a competitor. I only know a couple of the horses there now, fewer each time it seems, but all still appear as happy as the ones that I knew were. A good friend of mine still works in the barn there and he is knowledgable and has true affection for the horses.

    Best of luck with this endeavor with the Princess, I hope it works out for everyone involved. (Sorry for the long-winded post!) :)

  2. I think donating to a program like that is a wonderful choice for a horse who can't sell. On top of all the reasons you listed, the tax write off is handy as well!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful idea, so much better than many alternatives. Kudos to you for doing what's best for the horse and helping the program in the process!

  4. Sounds like a great solution. Fingers crossed.

  5. What a compassionate and kind decision you've made! It sounds like a good fit and will be a weight off for both of you. Think of all the girls who will polish her tiara and thank her for the chance. :)