Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Camp - Day 2

It's the dog days of . . . March
Lily showing us how to keep cool in the heat

Day two is often the hardest of camp. The aches of day one are just starting to sink in and we head right back out for another dose.

Despite all of the little issues currently plauging the partnership, the princess and I are heading out for a schooling show tomorrow. It's just a two-phase, and at Beginner Novice, so it shouldn't be any kind of an issue. So long as we can steer. At least it wouldn't be an issue if I wasn't so darn sore. No horse back home moves quite like Fiona. Especially now when she's fit and really using herself, there's a lot of movement going on across her back, and my back is sore after trying to match her back. Which means I'm now having trouble following, with makes her back stop moving, which means that dressage is not quite where it ought to be.

It's amazing how much muscles can deteriorate over just 2.5 months.

So dressage is a struggle. And we know stadium is a struggle. So what is going right? Galloping! We went to the track today and the princess was a super star. We just went straight down the track, never wavering or looking at anything. We went 350 mpm, 450 mpm, and even 550 mpm. I'm not sure if we're ready to even sprint at faster than 550, but for that one minute, we were certainly flying and loving every second of it.

Tomorrow we shall see just how much we can patch together for the show, then we get to go cross country showing. I'm looking forward to it so much. I've missed my little girl, and while I know I'm anthropomorphizing, I like to think she missed me, too.

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