Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stuff Eventers Say

There have been a lot of videos about stuff horse people say.

There's even one about stuff eventers say.

But they missed a couple of my favorites, and being a fairly recent convert, I still notice these things.

How late are they running?
(walking cross country) Has anyone seen jump five?
Aren't you supposed to be in the ring in five minutes?
Anyone know how to make my air vest work?
Anyone have that tool for my air vest?
(Combined with wincing) Oh. OH. Smart horse, good boy.
How's the footing after the water?
The cross country just wasn't challenging enough for him.
That's okay, we'll make it up in the other two phases.
That judge hates thoroughbreds.
That judge hates warmbloods.
That judge hates draft crosses.
Anyone checked the weather?
I didn't fall off, I forgot to unhook my air vest.
It was going great until she saw the jump judge in the blue poncho.
Oh my God are they serious?!
Hey, how many strides are you going for between six and seven?
Sit up and ride positively!
Except you, you slow down.

Speaking of which, the princess had her first sanctioned event with my trainer in the irons. She got a 34.0 in dressage.


That's about 8 points lower than her last outing. I'm just throwing a party over that, and my trainer thinks there's an even better test in there if we can just figure out how to keep her focused in the dressage ring. She went clear (but a bit wild) in stadium and handled the bending lines well. She also went fast and clear in cross country. Optimum time was 4:23, she did it in 3:58, and that was with my trainer trotting some fences and really trying to slow down. It earned her a sixth place ribbon out of seventeen horses. Seventeen horses, and a number of them with professionals in the saddle! I'm so, so proud of her, there are no words.

Now I don't have an excuse for coming in last place in dressage anymore. Hmph.

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