Friday, November 19, 2010

Before and After

Moving sucks. All of my stuff is in boxes, and I can't figure out what I did with my tablet. This does save everyone from more of my art, but I really wonder where I put that thing.

Aside from my inability to find my belongings, Fiona continues to truck along. She went on a long trail ride with a group, ending with a fun gallop around a polo field. The walking in a group, and being forced to walk at their pace, was not her idea of a good time. Getting to open up into a real gallop? That was much more fun.

This marks three months of work on Project Fiona. I thought a real update was in order. For anyone that's forgotten, this was Fiona the day after I got her:

And three months, many grooming sessions, many hours in the saddle, ten training rides, three farrier visits, two schooling shows, one hunter pace, and several trail rides later, this is Fiona as of today:

You'll notice she's in an indoor now, since we've moved to the winter barn. She took that pretty well. She also got some turn out in a bigger field and promptly gave everyone an exhibition of what a big, athletic girl she is. Go figure, she was sore the next day. Time to introduce shoulder-in and haunches-in so I can help her stretch out after being foolish. Her winter shoes are on and she's ready for the snow.

December will include a visit with the dentist, a saddle fitting (since all that new muscle is proving problematic), and some experimentation with her bitting. I think I'll try her in an English hackamore. She's so fussy with bits, let's see how she does without one at all. If she likes it, I'll save the bit for dressage specific days or dressage lessons. If the saddle fitting doesn't find anything, her next appointment will be with the chiropractor to get that evaluation done. She's come a long, long way from being someone's backyard pony.

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