Friday, September 17, 2010

Barn Visitor

Say hi to Perdue.

Perdue randomly wandered into the barn last night, probably to get out of the rain I was riding in during my lesson. My trainer called all of her neighbors, but no one was missing a rooster. Perdue just hung out in the grain room for a couple hours, perfectly content to watch the working students making breakfast and packing for the trip to GMHA. Nice guy, for a rooster. I don't really like roosters, so it was a pleasant surprise.

Please keep in mind, my mom's roosters are pretty much feral and have chased me all over her property. And this isn't a story from my childhood, this happened the last time I was home to visit. They're rather territorial about sections of the garden. Those suckers can run!

A couple of phone calls finally found someone that could take poor Perdue somewhere safe. Which led to a group of us hanging out in the grain room door trying to figure out how we were going to catch the rooster and get him in the car. Someone got a box, but by this point, the rooster was taking a nap and had no interest in relocating. There was much debating about how to move this bird. My trainer was worried about it getting loose and pecking at her. In the rather amazing words of a spectator, "I'm worried about his spurs, I'm not worried about his pecker!"

It took us about five minutes to calm down enough to deal with the rooster.

In the end, I put my zip up sweat shirt over him so he couldn't see, scooped him up like my mom taught me with her ducks, and tucked him in the box. Lid went on, he was loaded into the car, and sent off to hang out with some other chickens. So long, Perdue. It was fun.

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