Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The matchy match life

Hi, my name is Catie, and I am addicted to matching horse accessories.

I currently own 8 outfits for my horse, not including his formal wear.  It really doesn't help that he's black bay and looks amazing in just about every color. 

Azalea pink
Pink and white browband from PS of Sweden
Monogram Azalea Pink saddle pad from PS of Sweden
Pink polos I found in the clearance bin at the local tack shop, can you believe it? 

Bright blue (with glitter boots)
Silver Clincher browband from PS of Sweden
Bright blue earnet from the clearance bin of a local tack shop
Monogram Blue saddle pad from PS of Sweden
Glitter boots from the local tack shop (or white if I don't feel like getting glitter on everything)

Navy blue
Midsummer Joy pearl browband from PS of Sweden
Navy earnet from the local tack shop
Midsummer Joy saddle pad from PS of Sweden
Navy boots from Smartpak

How do I have no pictures of my navy set?!  Here's my show set, at least it has the earnet and browband (and my navy coat, totally getting a navy helmet for next year)

Black Delight browband from PS of Sweden
Onyx Stripe saddle pad from PS of Sweden
Black jumping boots from PS of Sweden (I nabbed these used from a local rider)
And in the dead of winter, black square cooler from Smartpak that I refuse to take off for pictures

Bold Merlot browband from PS of Sweden
Monogram Merlot saddle pad from PS of Sweden
Merlot polos from PS of Sweden
My rarely seen white bell boots

Yes, I bought the merlot vest I'm wearing to match this outfit.

Iced coffee (with matching polos)
Hot Chocolate browband from PS of Sweden
Stripe Prosecco saddle pad from PS of Sweden
Stripe Prosecco polos from PS of Sweden

Sleek Fudge browband from PS of Sweden
Brown earnet from PS of Sweden
Mustang Brown saddle pad from PS of Sweden
Brown jumping boots from PS of Sweden

Can you believe this set is four years old now?

Green and blue browband from PS of Sweden (their ocean colored one from a couple years back)
Green saddle pad from PS of Sweden (from their test run of pads they sold a couple years back)
White boots from Smartpak (at least until I find the perfect polos)

It's a lot of stuff.  Once I type it all out, I realize I have also become a poster child for PS of Sweden.  I don't currently own any saddle pads that aren't PS of Sweden.  I think I'm up to 10 of their browbands.  Can't complain about the quality of the product, I machine wash those pads and boots regularly and they bounce right back.  Haven't needed to retire any to date and some are approaching four years old.  It does help that I have so many saddle pads I rotate them a lot, but even my jumping pads where I've only had two are still looking great.  Still using the same set of jumping boots I bought for Theo on our first Christmas together.  They'll need to retire soon, they've accumulated a lot of strikes, but that's impressive.

My accessories were taking over my car so I finally came up with a solution.

These are storage bags from Amazon, the kind you keep under your bed to hold sweaters or comforters.  The one on the left is saddle pads, the one on the right is ear nets/polos/boots.  It keeps the chaos under control and I can just grab the colors I want to go with my outfit.  The polos and boots went into mesh laundry bags so they are easy to grab and I don't have to search for that missing one.  There's always one missing.  On laundry days, I can haul the whole bag in and wash up the saddle pads.  The polos wash in their laundry bags to keep the tangling down, leaving me with just the re-rolling.

My browbands live in a drawer in my tack locker.  They're safe from getting snagged and damaging prongs in there.  The kids at the barn whisper to each other about Theo's jewelry box.  I'm not joking or exaggerating.  I've had some ask to see his jewelry collection.  They're always very impressed by the sparkling browbands I pull out.

I've got most of the major color groups covered right now.  I snoozed and lost out on the PS of Sweden purple set.  I was very mad at myself since that's the one color I'm missing from Theo's wardrobe.  I really really want a purple browband to go with my purple coat.

The antique pink browband looks great, but I want a purple one.

I recently found a new comic to follow.

It's so accurate it hurts.


  1. oooo I love the idea of using those underbed bags - you are giving me ideasssss!

    1. Life. SAVER. you have no idea how great this has been. Just get the big ones so they can fit your saddle pads laying flat. it's a bit tight for some of my big dressage pads but I have the entire saddle pad collection in one bag and who even knows how many sets of polos/boots in the other.

  2. Those storage bags are awesome. I like having matchy matchy outfits for my horses, but my horses have assigned colors so the colors stick with the horse. Although with Nilla having been off so long now, I have borrowed her navy stuff for Levi a few times.