Friday, October 14, 2016

Fall Festival Pic Spam

I got my pictures from Saugerties!

Theo has opinions on being a show horse.  Doesn't matter how fancy the setting.

Serious business dressage horse!

I might have been praying during this transition to canter, then right into a 15m circle.  On his sticky lead.  But we nailed it!

Job well done pats.

This actually has a story.  Theo was so chill heading out after his last test that I started flapping my reins and acting like I was pony kicking him to get him to walk faster.  Trainer A pointed at the photographer and said 'I hope you got my adult rider acting like that!'.  This is me cracking up when I realized people were actually watching us.  Theo is all about getting to Trainer A.  She has cookies.
 Theo and I's relationship in one picture.  I'm cracking up.  He sees cookies.

The last shot of the 2016 season.  Mi papi, Trainer A, and me heading back to the barn.


  1. Aww these are so lovely. I love that last one especially. And that tail deserves it's own Pantene commercial.

  2. These are all gorgeous! I love the one where you're cracking up :)

  3. Gaw, he is such a hunk! :P The 'job well done pats' is such a beautiful pic!