Sunday, August 2, 2015


And for our next trick, let's come across something that just about every horse and pony thinks is a horrible, horrible flesh eating monster while out for a walk.

Poor Theo.  I hopped off and led him right up to it, made him touch them with his nose and everything!  Then I got back on (thank goodness for guard rails on the road) and walked him past it with no issues.  Between the balloons, the car waiting for a tow truck, the giant diesel truck with a flat bed, and the motorcycles, we had more excitement in our little stroll then we would usually see in a two hour trail ride!


  1. Sometimes you just have to torture them with stuff. Like balloons. And agility dogs.

  2. lol a fence line at our farm had one of those metallic shiny balloons stuck on it for a while and nobody could get their horses past so the trail was essentially shut down. i eventually had to dismount and hike over to get it untangled, all while flying my kite of a mare. silly horses....