Monday, June 22, 2015

Saddle fitting woes

I knew going into this that the whole 'total fit system' didn't actually mean that the Wintec 500 Close Contact I ordered would actually fit every horse.  I did figure that we could get it close enough and that it could be changed as mi papi's back changes.  I heard that he'd used a Bates saddle in the past and they have the same tree as the Wintec saddles.

After three fitting sessions and two rides, I'm calling in the professionals.  I got it close enough to jump in, but it can't be my day to day saddle.  The cantle pops up.  I know that's an issue jumping saddles in general have, but I don't want to worry about Theo's back getting screwed up.  Using the risers in the back and popping in the medium wide tree got it close enough so I don't have to jump in the dressage saddle anymore.  Hopefully a professional can fluff and sort the rest of the issues out.

But I did get to jump in it, and you know what I learned?  You pick up some sucky habits fast when your jumping saddle isn't appropriate.  I stand up on my toes over fences now.  SERIOUSLY!?!?  I've never ever done that before, but I caught myself doing it in my last jumping lesson and Trainer A called me out on it.  I need to nip that in the bud right now.  Like this week.

I'll be spending a lot of quality time in a half seat.  The rest of my time will be spent with no stirrups doing the chacha in the dressage saddle.\

The grid work went well, we did changing vertical heights and low, wide oxers to encourage Theo to balance himself and use his whole body.  Grabbing mane and not moving helped a lot with me getting my jumping mojo back.  My body had been fighting the dressage saddle so much that now I'm struggling to remember how to not move.

The first saddle fitter we contacted can't come out until August, so we're trying a couple more names.  There's no way I can go back to jumping in the dressage saddle now that I'm aware of the damage, but I can't damage Theo's back along the way.  Anyone want to start a betting pool on the likelihood that I end up dropping another grand or two on another Passier jumping saddle?  The local used shop has a Passier Wellington in my size . . .


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    1. I have the most amazing saddle in the world that I'm posting for sale.... 2013 Hastilow Concept Reflex Jump... fully customizeable - changeable gullet, wool flocking, even the billets are moveable :P. There is no horse it won't fit with some small adjustments. Looking for about $2700~ I'll have more info up on my blog sometime soon. Just thought I would mention it!

  2. good luck! saddle fit is really the pits. my current saddle (a bates that i desperately love) is rocking over fences too... fortunately not enough to make my mare sore so we're hoping the problem can be resolved with corrective shimming... it's stressful tho haha!