Tuesday, June 2, 2015


It's a day off from the barn, and yet, shenanigans.

First up, I got an update from the photographer from the show.  There are pictures of me and Theo!  I should have them soon and she keeps teasing me that there are some really good ones.  If I don't see them soon, I may have to go all hacker and snitch them off the barn computer.  Which sounds like an incredibly bad idea, but I'm very impatient.

Second, Trainer A took some video of my last jumping lesson.  She's going to upload it for me so I can share it with the world.  It's kind of terrible, since I'm still rusty, but I'm all about honest documentation.  I'm not chopping Papi in the mouth or falling off, so no reason not to share the current state of affairs. 

What is it with jumping?  It's the first thing to go when I take a break and it's the last thing to come back.  It's probably a case of my core strength not being there.  I'm trying a new work out series called Success in the Saddle with Debbie Rodriguez.  Holy mackrel, is she a butt kicker!  I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to get upstairs to my bed after all of those squats.  I do recommend the series for anyone that is looking for a work out with an equestrian focus and no fluff.  There are no dance steps or cheerful bouncing, it's just a series of body weight workout that makes you want to cry for your mommy.

And finally, I ordered a new tablet!  A Wacom Intuos tablet with software should be here soon.  I've really missed my doodles and it's almost impossible for me to get things colored in on paper.  I'm not exactly an artiste.  Until the tablet arrives, it's all black and white.

Me and Theo after a long, hard ride on Sunday.  We both felt much better.

Not that there's anything wrong with black and white, but I miss all of the colors.  Also, I've lost all of my pencils.  I think Peyton has been thwarting my art again.  She better not steal the new tablet's pen, those aren't cheap!


  1. I seriously LOVE your art work. I live in Palm Springs and it looks so mid-century inspired. Would love a piece!

  2. Maybe you should try prancersize. It's so hot right now.