Monday, March 12, 2012


The three months of rotating horses is winding down. I feel like I've learned a lot while pick up riding whatever horse happened to not be running away too fast. Between plucky ponies, gigantic Hanoverians, saintly old men, and game Irish Sporthorses, I've certainly had a chance to branch out.

As a final addition to my resume before taking off to see the princess, I was introduced to Harry, aka the Muppet.
Why would we call this 16h + draft cross the Muppet? Because his face is too cute to be real, so therefore, he must be a Muppet. We haven't picked which Muppet he is yet, but there was a strong argument for Elmo. He's just adorable and sweet and occasionally has a moment of flailing about with excitement. The photo doesn't do him credit, he really is that ridiculously cute in person.

Harry's out on trial for some friends and I was given permission to ride him while he's getting in shape after some extended time being a pasture potato. His background is hunter/jumper, so we understand each other perfectly. I don't think he was terribly amused when I hopped on and started poking at the buttons to see what he could do. Just standing there he seems kind of gangly with great big feet and hair standing up every which way, but when he's working he's actually a cute little mover. He's got a great work ethic, though he's a kick-on ride. For his potential future home, that's an attribute.

He's also a wicked honest horse to fences. Back when I helped school the school horses, we used to test them by doing things like dropping them to fences and making other beginner mistakes. I did all of those to poor Harry and he just completely ignored me. I love horses that know when to ignore me. With his big feet he makes a racket when he canters and definitely gives the feeling of being on a charger, but there's a strong thoroughbred influence. He's not a lazy boy and he's pretty light on his feet. I really like him.

I don't know if I'll get a chance to ride him again this week. I've just finished up the winter quarter (HALLELUIAH) and now I'm tying up all of the loose ends at work while trying to make sure that I have everything packed for my trip. I take off on Thursday and arrive Friday. Saturday and Sunday I'll be spectating/grooming while Fiona takes on the Novice course at Pine Top with my trainer. Then I'll spend Monday through Friday doing the adult camp in Aiken. After all of that comes the twenty hour drive home, hopefully getting me back to Massachusetts that Sunday.

I'm bringing my video camera, my regular camera, and an awful lot of Red Bull. I do not promise coherent posts, but they should be entertaining ones.


  1. Ohh! I think I'll be at Pine Top. If I see Fiona, I'll be sure to clap a little louder. Have fun and be safe driving home!

    1. She should be easy to spot! The chestnut mare making a spectacle of herself, showing as Can't Drive 55.