Monday, March 19, 2012

Camp - Day 1

Unlike last year, I'm not nearly as wiped on day 1. I've been here for a couple days, gotten settled in, and I'm actually ready to ride. After months of separation, I wanted to ride my mare so badly that the actual ride was almost secondary. I just wanted to see her.

And she remembered me. I launched out of the truck and yelled 'Princess!' and she popped her head up before heading to the fence line to meet me. She knows where the treats come from.

Today was a dressage lesson in the morning and a jumping lesson in the afternoon. The dressage lesson was good, she's very soft right now. So soft that I have to be aware of how I'm carrying my shoulders, because that's enough to make her tip or shift. She is definitely a challenge.

The stadium was about resetting her steering and brakes. She's in a D-ring snaffle and lever noseband right now, which seems to work when paired with a running martingale. I recognize her, and the steering issues are completely fixable. She's had them before and we fixed them. Right now we're trotting fences, but she's far more rideable than last year. I'm less worried now than I have been all winter. She's scooting toward home, but a tap on the shoulder straightens her up and we can continue on.

Tomorrow is galloping and cross country schooling. I'm completely looking forward to it. Maybe my trainer will let me see just how fast the princess can go on the track . . .

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