Thursday, April 14, 2016

Throw back Thursday

Lookie what I found!

This is Theo circa 2009 when he was just getting started as a trail horse.  He's all of five years old.  Look at all of that mane!  Look at the Western tack!  Look at that complete lack of a neck!

And he is most definitely bay.  I have no idea why the vet listed him as black on his Coggins.  I got a note from the secretary about the discrepencies in my entry.  A bay horse named Expect the Unexpected with a Coggins for a horse named Theo that's black.  Oh, and the show horse is an American Warmblood but the Coggins is for a Perch X.  Might need to get that test redone or its going to be a loooooooong show season.

Poor papi, making the leap from backyard pony to super show star is hard.


  1. Those pictures are so cute. Paperwork is such a pain. Especially when they colors don't agree...

  2. Such a cutie!!! Love the last picture of him in the red halter- so much adorable sass! Hahaha!!!
    Are you sure he's bay? He looks black to me. He doesn't have the tan brown color at his nose… he looks like he has a black nose which would mean he's black if I remember correctly? I get so confused with dark bays, browns, and blacks! Sometimes they just all seem the same! Lol!