Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Two for two

Two days in a row sound!  That's some sort of milestone.  The ring was crowded with a lesson of three adults, Trainer A on a mare in training, and me with mi papi.  It's a crowd I know well and I'll admit to riding late on Wednesdays so we can all hang out together.  It was also too freaking hot today to ride in the afternoon.  91* in September?  Not cool, Mother Nature. 

Having so much company in the ring had Theo revved up despite the heat.  We focused on transitions, keeping him from taking off like he was off to the races.  We got some great moments with some actual suspension thanks to all of that extra energy.  It's good practice for him, warm up arenas are often crowded and chaotic.

But fall is definitely in the air.  By the time we were done and Theo was ready for turn out, the sun had set.   We had to do the walk to his field by flashlight.

The reflective halter was a good idea.  I need to remember that when I start thinking that I need to get him a nice leather halter.  Shiny is more important than spiffy when in turn out.

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  1. ooh super clever about the reflective halter! nothing worse than aimlessly wandering around a dark field looking for a dark horse!