Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I honestly wish I never got this image in my head, because it turned out to be almost too much for my minimal artistic talents. I drew this several times trying to make it clear that the rider is looking down at a ditch. Finally figured out it needed a shadow under the horse. Shading? In my art? I just about died. But I think it came out cute, even if it has my pencil style coloring.


  1. Love it. Did Fi have a ditch problem?

    1. She used to, but she's learned to close her eyes and leap rather than stop, stick her head in it to check, then hop over. Rumor has it that the trainer had no trouble with the ditch last weekend so I think she's over it. Thank goodness, she used to slam on the brakes and stare every time she saw one. Never stepped back and went over after she looked at it, but it was darn uncomfortable.