Thursday, December 1, 2011

Statistics, schmamistics

An entire week devoted to nothing but studying statistics could make the sanest of people feel a bit batty.

I wasn't all that sane to begin with.

Tonight was my final, so my class is over and I don't have to think about school work for a whole month. In order to study (cram) as much as possible, I didn't make it out to the barn this week. Withdrawal is ugly on it's own. Coupled with statistics overload? Just damn ugly. So here's to thinking about things that do not involve Greek letters or probability!

What says 'not statistics' better than pictures of our run on the beach?

I appreciate the fact that there's photographic evidence of my insanity. The sequence of us galloping is from us racing the teenagers. I'm trying to pull up, so it's not all that pretty, but you can tell we were having a good time.

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