Sunday, July 3, 2011


I've spent quite a bit of time over the last ten months getting my girl all prepped for her very first sanctioned. We've weathered the scary jumping, the resistance in dressage, and even getting her used to having her mane pulled. We've built up a topline, put in the cross-country miles, and turned the former brood mare and pasture potato into a viable eventing prospect.

For my part, I've learned to not duck over fences that won't fall down and to keep my legs under me while doing dressage. Okay, we might still be working on that second part, but it's definitely getting better. We've got the moves, we've got the equipment, and the princess sure has the talent and the look.

The princess showing me what a big girl she's become at the Scarlet Hill Derby Cross

It looks like we're ready for that first sanctioned at UNH next weekend, right? Well, something more challenging then a stomach wrenching coffin might be keeping us home. It's called paperwork.

I'm a hunter princess by training, I'll admit to that. These opening dates and close dates and entry statuses and ride times still confuse me a bit. I like the ride times once I have them, it's getting them that makes things difficult. I've only been in one sanctioned event before this, and I had to enter twice. My first entry was completely wrong, had me in a division that wasn't even being offered. I got a nice e-mail from the show secretary, asking me if I meant to enter their show. I really appreciated them holding my hand a bit and getting things sorted out. Of course, that was a less popular show with no wait list.

This time I entered UNH and ended up on the wait list. I thought I got my entry out in time, but it appears not. I went away on vacation thinking everything had been sorted out, but it's now a week away and my entry is still all messed up. Of all the things to catch me out, it had to be the simple fact that eventing entries are far more complicated than hunter/jumper entries. I don't know what I did wrong, but the princess may be staying home next weekend due to my inability to sort out calendars and paperwork.

I guess we'll have to add sending in entries training to my riding schedule. It's not like you get a lot of cracks at this in a summer. Another opening day is coming up on Tuesday and I'm rather beside myself. I want to go show!

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